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      Welcome to Scarleton! Thanks for applying to our Ambassador program.

      These following terms and conditions apply to individuals who are accessing or using the Program both as a company (“we” or “company”) and an Ambassador (“you” or “Ambassador”) who refers customers to use product or service from the company.

      By participating in the Program, Ambassador agrees to use the Program in the manner specified in, and are bound by, these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions in their entirety you are not authorized to register as an Ambassador or participate in the Program in any manner.

      1. Approve or Reject of the Registration

      We reserve the right to approve or reject ANY Ambassador Program Registration in our sole and absolute discretion. You will have no legal recourse against us for the rejection of your Ambassador Program Registration.

      1. Ambassador Link and Coupon

      Ambassador link and coupon will be provided by the company. Ambassador must include said links and coupon in the caption (or swipe up) of their social media posts. Ambassador is given 30 days tracking. Ambassadors will not get their benefits if said link and coupon are not included in posts.

      1. Commissions and payment

      Refer any customer to make a purchase on our website or Amazon store, you will get a commission amount which is calculated based on Commission structure. Commission amount is dependent on total net sales and not including extra fee (tax, shipping cost,...).

      To receive a commission, ambassador must be able to sell 10 or more units of provided product and is eligible for another round of promotion. Another round means a free bag of their choice and another 30 days of promotion. Sales counter is back to zero for the next round and will get another 10% commission, when said goal is reached. 


      If ambassador only sells 5 to 9 units, they will not receive the commission but will have an option to continue promotion until the goal of 10 units is reached.


      Payments will only be sent via for transactions that have been successfully completed. Payment method is via Paypal or Zelle. Use of the Ambassador Program is subject to a fair use policy which gives the company the right to review each and every referral order. Status of commission and sales report will be provided to ambassador, when requested.


      1. Marketing 

      For social/content sites, we may reuse your content in our marketing channels. If we do, we will tag your username to credit the content as yours. Ambassador must not claim or pretend that she is an official account of Scarleton.

      1. Tracking

      Tracking period is 30 days. The tracking day will start from the time the Ambassador’s discount coupon is generated. Within the tracking time, ambassadors must publish posts/stories/reels at least twice a week on their social platforms. The company will gather the coupon sales report after said tracking period and will inform Ambassador of their commission status. The company will provide the sales report to ambassador, when requested.

      1. Removal from Referral Program

      If an Ambassador wishes to be removed from the Ambassador program, they can do so by contacting: social.scarleton@gmail.com.

      Go forward and refer!

      We're very glad you've made it to the end of this important document.

      We wish you all the very best. You can always re-visit these Ambassador Program terms and conditions in the future and if you have any questions you can send email to social.scarleton@gmail.com for support.