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      Conoce a la fundadora de Scarleton: Emilly Wang

      Meet Scarleton’s founder: Emilly Wang

      In the year of 1974 Emily Wang was born in Zhangjiagang, China. Little did she know, in less than 40 years time she would be selling hundreds of bags daily via America's biggest online shopping platform, Amazon. But before that would take place, Scarleton’s founder, Emily, would have to work her way up the ladder.
      In 1996, Emily went to the Dalian University of Technology in China. It is here that she graduated and started her road to success. After graduating, Emily worked for 2 companies in Suzhou, China. Baxter Healthcare, and the popular international brand, L’Oreal Cosmetics. After gaining plenty of experience working a variety of roles, it soon led her to migrating to Canada in 2002. However, before deciding to return to university at the University of Waterloo, Emily, just like any average worker, had to put up with long shifts and tiring days. Working 12 hour days at a packaging company, Emily was not shy to get her hands dirty and work hard labor.
      It was in 2003 when Emily decided to take up Chemistry at the popular university in Canada, the University of Waterloo. In 2005 Emily took up her masters degree and successfully accomplished what she had set herself out for - a masters degree in Chemistry. After accomplishing her goal, Emily was ready to venture on a new adventure. In 2009, that adventure took her to Irvine, California, where she moved to and would soon start a business that would eventually boom.
      Upon arriving in California in 2009, little did Emily know that it would only be a year later before her company ‘Scarleton’ would be born. Emily was and still is a bag lover. Her passion for bags and fashion was something that helped mold her company into what it is today. Dreaming of creating a brand that delivered love through quality and fashionable bags, Emily found herself visiting the popular brand ZAPPOS in Las Vegas. It was here that she came across “Delivering Happiness” a book by the CEO Tony Hsieh. This book, along with support from her friends would eventually bring Emily to build her dream… In 2010 Scarleton was born.
      But the road to Scarleton producing their first sales wasn’t an easy one. Before creating her brand, Emily would spend 4 hours each and every day studying and self learning how to create, run, and manage a successful business. Emily also found herself being discriminated against, with suppliers not believing she could sell or even afford to buy inventory and stocks. Another bump Scarleton’s founder found herself facing was the designs of the bags - something she felt didn’t suit the American market. This brought Emily to completely redesign what she was working with and produce a product that would be loved by all.
      From selling just 20 bags a day to selling over 100 a day, in the past 10 years Scarleton has sold millions of bags throughout the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. In 2015 and 2016, Scarleton was doing so well that the company was named one of the biggest sellers on Amazon - a true accomplishment for a company that was only a few years old.
      When it comes to the brands culture, Emily is all about delivering love through fashionable yet affordable bags. Wanting her customers to fall in love with her bags is at the top of the brands priority list. Sharing her compassion for beautiful and stylish fashion, Emily is determined to continue creating products that aren’t just useful for daily use, but are loved for their quality, style, and affordable price tag. While they say you can’t put a price tag on high fashion, Scarleton has mastered the perfect combination of quality and affordability.
      Apart from being a lover for fashion, Emily loves animals. Scarleton uses vegan leather and all products are animal cruelty free. In fact, Emily herself has adopted animals, and widely encourages others to do so. Her strong views for animals plays a part in the company, with plans for Scarleton so eventually donate certain proceeds from each bag to animal shelters. Emily is determined to protect animals at all costs, and actively encourages others to do so too.
      Today, with the guidance of Emily Wang, Scarleton continues to sell hundreds of bags daily. Offering quality and fashionable bags at an affordable price is what Scarleton is all about. And delivering love through products that were tailored and produced with love is why Scarleton is what it is today...